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The best way to have all your sensible Info securely encrypted.
And, it's a perfect alternative for Ever Note - tiny, fast, portable, secure!

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One software to rule all your info even more efficiently than Ever Note - AllMyNotes Organizer, the best Ever Note alternative app for Windows! :)


Easier than Ever Note.

Useful features and an easy in use gorgeous app interface will let you forget Ever Note instantly. No more need in manual - do everything intuitively.


Encode your Data.

AllMyNotes Organizer can safely protect your important notes - just assign an access-code to your file, and AllMyNotes Organizer will encrypt it with the 1800-bit cipher.


Import from Ever Note.

We do support quick and easy import from Ever Note's .enex files. Refer to manual for details.

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The best Ever Note alternative app.

Googling for Ever Note replacement app? You've just found what you're searching for! We do have the app which is much better than Ever Note! Download AllMyNotes Organizer, use it, be happy! It was developed with great care, you'll love it!

AllMyNotes Organizer - Features

AllMyNotes Organizer - Features

System Requirements:

Windows 2K and higher - 2K/XP/Vista/7/8/10, plus all server versions.

All My Notes Organizer app

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Editor's Pick - AllMyNotes Organizer


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